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The Homeless Situation in Abbotsford BC

December 15th, 2013    Posted in Local News

Free Clothing BC van on the right, during Jubilee Park Church service.

Free Clothing BC has for the most part tried to stay out of the mainstream media, but I think it’s time we started blogging now and again and keeping everyone who follows us more in the loop with what we’re doing, testimonials and more.
For the past year, we’ve been helping The 5 and 2 ministries in Abbotsford in the background, providing much needed blankets, tents, soaps and other supplies as we get them in excess to their efforts. Many people might not realize that the 5 and 2 is more than just a religious organization trying to ‘save’ the homeless in a spiritual sense. They’re also looking after their earthly needs.

Let’s be honest, these two men (Jessie and Ward) do what nobody else (City, Ministry of Health or otherwise) are willing to do. They collect sharps (needles), provide food, patrol the camps, and check under bridges and other odd locations to keep these folks alive, clothed, and warm. They look after their legal rights when possible and are actively looking for a safer place for these people to live. They had NO part in creating the temporary establishment now in Jubilee Park. They have been trying to get permission from the city for a permanent establishment, but this current make-shift thing has nothing to do with them.

While a bunch of.. folks… do what isn’t really allowed to “solve” this issue, these men of the 5 and 2 continue to do their rounds, taking care of the truly homeless and campaigning the local government for a more permanent solution.

Why are we posting on this topic?

We felt it necessary to say this..

#1. If you feel like helping the homeless, DO NOT walk into a camp near you or Jubilee Park with your blessings.

#2. Bring it to a group like the 5 and 2 who know the individual needs of the people and can get your donations to the person(s) who need it most. They know these folks and know who are truly homeless, who have specific needs, etc.

#2. If you’ve been watching the situation unfold, be aware that there are professional “protesters” involved who are not actually homeless, and are just looking to tag along with the latest cause.

#3. Monetary donations allow The 5 and 2 to continue to pay for gas, insurance and vehicle repairs and wages for the men and women who serve our local homeless. You can donate online at

#4. If you wish you can also donate to Free Clothing BC at Surrey and Aldergrove locations (things like tents, soaps, food, blankets, warm coats, shoes) and we will get them directly to The 5 and 2 (if that’s where you’d like them to go).

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